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ExtremeAir GXT Series

ExtremeAir GXT Series

The ExtremeAir series is the original high-speed, compact, energy-efficient hand dryer.

ExtremeAir GXT series high speed hand dryers come standard with the following features: Warm Air, Adjustable Sound and Speed, and Universal Voltage.

GXT9 (White ABS)
Price: $560.00
Sale price: $395.00

GXT9-BG (Steel Black Graphite)
Price: $640.00
Sale price: $475.00

GXT9-C (Steel Satin Chrome)
Price: $650.00
Sale price: $515.00

GXT9-M (Steel White Epoxy)
Price: $590.00
Sale price: $445.00

GXT9-SS (Stainless Steel)
Price: $720.00
Sale price: $545.00

Parts/Accessories - ADA-RK Recess Kit

Parts/Accessories - ADA-WG Wall Guard
Price: $125.00
Sale price: $105.00

Parts/Accessories - AP Adapter Plate

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