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Hydrotek 6000C

Hydrotek 6000C

Item # H6000C
Industry Price: $325.80
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The 6000C Series faucet is a piston operated sensory faucet that provides a vandal resistant, no touch solution that promotes better hygiene and energy savings.

Faucet Construction: Solid Brass, Chrome Plated. Control Circuit: Solid state, AC or Battery, Switchable Auto. Time-out: Preset/Adjustable, 0, 15, 30, or 60 Sec. Sensor Range: Preset and Adjustable Shut-Off Delay: Preset, Adjustable from 1 - 8 seconds Control Cable: Armored, vandal resistant Solenoid Valve: 6V DC, Normally closed. Wattage:.4W(idle), 5W(in use) Water Pressure: 5 psi to 125 psi Flow Control: 2.0 GPM, Laminar

Using Hydrotek’s patented goose neck design, the 6000C Series faucet is ideal in clinics, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities for scrub stations.

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