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Sloan G2 8186-1 Flushometer

Sloan G2 8186-1 Flushometer

Item # 81861
Industry Price: $425.81
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Sloan G2 Optima Plus® Flushometers activate via multilobular sensor detection to provide the ultimate in sanitary protection and automatic operation. A battery powered infrared sensor sets the flushing mechanism after the user is detected and completes the flush when the user steps away.

Sloan G2-8186 Royal OptimaPlus Battery Powered Exposed Water Closet Flush, Chrome Features: • Water Saver: 1.5 GPF • PERMEX Synthetic Rubber Diaphragm with Dual Filtered Fixed Bypass • Flex Tube Diaphragm designed for improved life and reduced maintenance • ADA Compliant OPTIMA Plus(R) Battery Powered Infrared Sensor for automatic "No Hands" operation • Infrared Sensor with Multiple-focused, Lobular Sensing Fields for high and low target detection • Latching Solenoid Operator • Engineered Metal Cover with replaceable Lens Window • Courtesy Flush Override Button • Four (4) Size AA Batteries factory installed • Low Battery Flashing LED • Infrared Sensor Range Adjustment Screw • Initial Set-up Range Indicator Light (first 10 minutes) • Chrome Plated Metal Handle Cap • 3/4" I.P.S. Screwdriver Bak-Chek(R) Angle Stop • Free Spinning, Vandal Resistant Stop Cap • Adjustable Tailpiece • High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker Flush Connection with One-piece Bottom Hex Coupling Nut • Spud Coupling and Flange for 3/4" Top Spud • Sweat Solder Adapter with Cover Tube and Cast Set Screw Wall Flange • Fixed Metering Bypass and No External Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation • Flush Accuracy Controlled by CID Technology

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